Streaming from an Android phone or internet-connected camera

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Have an Android phone or internet-connected camera?

  1. Sign-up and create your channel on the
  2. Create your event on your channel page
    1. You can customize your event by updating the cover photo, name, date, and price
  3. Press New stream
  1. Download your favorite broadcasting software
    1. If you are using an Android phone, we recommend Larix Broadcaster
    2. If you are using a camera connected to a PC, we recommend StreamYard
  2. Copy the Stream URL and Stream Key into your broadcaster app and begin filming
    1. If your broadcasting software only has an RTMP URL field, then you should copy both fields with a "/" separating them
    For example: rtmp://
  3. If your broadcasting software successfully connects and streams to our server, a thumbnail of your stream will show up in the dashboard after 10s - 15s
  1. End the stream by pressing "Stop"

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