Filming Tips

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  1. Internet connection: We recommend 3-6 Mbps of upload speeds for the best quality streams. (Guide on what that means here.)
  2. Landscape mode is best for capturing the most action. Portrait mode is best for mobile highlight clips.
  3. Have a designated filmer that can rotate the phone back and forth to capture all the action and / or check up on the stream periodically.
  4. Set your phone or camera on a tripod or gimbal that you can use to have a steady stream. We recommend this tripod and this gimbal.
  5. Prep Time: It helps to get to an event to set up your streaming set up at least five minutes before the game to prep (e.g., set up the tripod, ensure internet connectivity, find a place to stream, etc.)
  6. Ideal locations: If you have a person that can walk on the court, you can have that person go back and forth on the sideline with a gimbal. If you want to capture all the action, we recommend finding a higher up vantage point in the middle of the court, field, etc. to capture all the action.

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